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A Cranbrook Suite

June 30, 2024
A Cranbrook Suite
A Cranbrook Suite

Settings for carillon of three familiar hymn tunes will be featured in Fruhauf Music Publications’ July complimentary PDF booklet offering. A Cranbrook Suite includes three varied Baroque movements: Prelude on Nicaea, Siciliana and Menuet on Erhalt uns Herr, and Finale on Old 100th

All three arrangements  are playable on four-octave instruments (C to c3, with the exception of an occasional low pedal B-flat), and they are not technically demanding. 

For this new issue, along with many other works for organ solo, choir and organ, and for carillon, please visit www.frumuspub.net’s home page and follow the links provided for each category and album download page.

Also, scroll down to "Donwload" for a PDF of the full score.

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