7-stop, one manual & pedal organ

April 21, 2021
7-stop, one manual & pedal organ
7-stop, one manual & pedal organ

7-stop, one manual & pedal home/chapel organ, built c.1995 by Trent Buhr.

Mechanical action keyboard: 8-8-4-4-2-Quint/Tierce. 
Mechanical action Pedal Bourdon: 16-8-4.
61/30 compass.

$25,000 OBO. Contact BuzardService@gmail.com for more information. 

Left hand side of keyboard – Manual stops
All divided bass & treble (except Dulciana) 
Gedeckt 8’ 
Dulciana 8’ 
Prestant 4’ 
Principal 2’ 
Traverse Flute 4’ 

Right hand side of keyboard - Pedal stops 
Subbass 16' 
Bourdon 8' (ext) 
Flute 4' (ext)


Main casework is 64-1/2” wide by 32” deep plus 23” for pedalboard.

Case is 85-1/2” tall plus 13” for molding at top (which is removable).

The bass windchests for the Pedal Subbass are each 6” x 24-1/2”.

Mechanical action for Manual, mechanical action for Pedal stop.

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