43-rank Casavant - Létourneau

43-rank Casavant - Létourneau pipe organ

43-rank Casavant - Létourneau pipe organ for sale with 10-year warranty: $839,000.

Orgues Létourneau is offering a 43-stop pipe organ rebuilt to like-new condition for USD$839,000.  The core is Casavant's Opus 2295 from 1955 with electro-pneumatic wind chests; the revised specification can incorporate up to eighteen new stops built by Létourneau. 

Installation costs, on-site voicing, an allowance for casework in red oak, a rebuilt three-manual solid-state console, and a ten-year warranty are included.  Transportation from Québec is not included.  The organ requires approximately 500 sq. ft. with 20’ ceiling for 16’ ranks. 

For more details, visit www.letourneauorgans.com, e-mail [email protected] or call Andrew Forrest at 450-774-2698.

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