St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, PA
A clavichord, viewed from above
Jonathan Oblander in the Berghaus organ, La Casa de Cristo, Scottsdale, AZ
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sauk Rapids, MN, K.C. Marrin Op. 3
Newtown United Methodist Church, Cincinnati, OH, Rathke organ
An 18th-century clavichord
Christ Church, Rochester, New York
St. Chrysostom’s Church, Chicago, Fisk organ
First Presbyterian Church, Evansville, IN, Fisk organ
Bells of the carillon at Culver Academies, Culver, IN
First Presbyterian Church, Ypsilanti, MI, Martin Ott organ
Participants in Schoenstein Competition: judges Stephanie Nofar-Kelly, Scott Hanoian, Huw Lewis; contestants Meghan Meloy Ness, Sarah Simko, Annelisa Crabtree, Dean Robinson.
April 23, 2018
Schoenstein & Co., of Benicia, California, welcomed 150 guests for a factory open house in celebration of the three-manual, 32-rank organ for Church of the Redeemer,... more
April 23, 2018
Fruhauf Music Publications announces release of a newly formatted edition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor (fragment), BWV 562, for organ, offered in... more
April 22, 2018
The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) is working with Orgues Létourneau, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, to deliver a unique educational program that will introduce... more
April 22, 2018
The East Texas Pipe Organ Festival is hosting a three-day event at First Presbyterian Church, Kilgore, Texas, May 31–June 2. The event will include three silent movie... more
April 02, 2018
Nunc Dimittis Curtis “Curt” John Oliver, 74, died January 29 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born September 6, 1943, in St. Paul, Minnesota, he began piano studies at an early age... more
April 02, 2018
What is Performance? Part 2 I continue here the speculative, general, question-based, and perhaps somewhat philosophical discussion of performance. Next month I shall write... more
April 02, 2018
What’s it going to cost? When you’re shopping for a car, it’s reasonable to start by setting a budget. Whether you say $10,000, $30,000, or $75,000, you can expect to find a... more
 Holtkamp Opus 1695
Walter Holtkamp, Sr., Opus 1695 (1957), Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati. One of the last, and largest, to be built by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. 54 stops in five divisions over three manuals and a... more
Fruhauf Music Publications: Rosa Mystica

Music for the Christmas season from Fruhauf Music Publications: a complimentary reissue of a 4-page chorale prelude for organ on Rosa Mystica (Lo, how a Rose)....

Nid: 23913
1937 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling

The Holtkamp Organ Company is proud to offer this fine instrument for sale. It is a 1937 Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling, originally located at St. Mary’s Church in...

Nid: 24012
Kola Owolabi

Kola Owolabi has recorded four suites from the Second Livre d'Orgue by Jacques Boyvin on a new CD released on Raven OAR-997 (...

Nid: 24023
Northwest Covenant Church

Organist/accompanist position.

Northwest Covenant Church in Mt. Prospect, Illinois (Chicago’s northwest suburbs) is seeking an...

Nid: 24064
Rieger 23-rank pipe organ

Rieger 23-rank mechanical pipe organ for sale.

Two 61-note manuals and 32-note AGO concave, radiating pedals. 1,221 pipes, manual and pedal couplers, and tremulant;...

Nid: 24119
Foreshadows of the Cross

Foreshadows of the Cross by Norberto Guinaldo

Number two in a set of Six Contemplations on...

Nid: 24256
Wahl practice organ

Wahl two-stop first series practice organ.

Oak casework.

Neenah, Wisconsin.


[email protected].

Nid: 24305
Kilgen Harmonic Ensemble

II/3 Kilgen Harmonic Ensemble 3 rank organ.

Beautiful walnut ...

Nid: 24343
Iberian Chamber Organ

Iberian Chamber Organ

Housed at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, organ has tracker key and mechanical stop action. The flue pipe configuration is...

Nid: 24396
Wahl pipe organ

2005 Wahl pipe organ, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Exquisite cherry casework and craftsmanship. Six-stop, two-manual tracker. Concave parallel pedalboard. Requires 9' ceiling....

Nid: 24509
Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault
THE CHENAULTS America’s Premier Pipe Organ Duo “No one can contest the spectacular facility, musicianship, and ensemble that these two offer in every musical style represented.  Amazing... more
 Holtkamp Opus 1695
Walter Holtkamp, Sr., Opus 1695 (1957), Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati. One of the last, and largest, to be built by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. 54 stops in five divisions over three manuals and a... more
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