Medieval Organ Workshop in Basel, Switzerland Cathedral of the Assumption, Kraków, Poland Roy Perry during tonal finishing, Longview, Texas Hank Knox, William Porter, Sietze de Vries, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Olivier Latry, James David Christie, and John Grew with a bust of Lynnwood Farnam at the McGill Summer Organ Academy Remembering Heinz Wunderlich A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, Advent Lutheran Church,  Melbourne, Florida Goulding & Wood Organ Builders, Inc.: The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington, Kentucky The nameboard of the 1897 Möller Opus 188, restored by M.P. Rathke in 2013. A view of the St. Andreas organ collection in the upper balcony Foley-Baker, Inc., Tolland, CT: St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN (Photo by Mark Manring) Orgues Létourneau Limitée: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Cornelius Heinrich Dretzel, Divertimento iii, first two entries 63rd Sewanee Church Music Conference attendees  Gallery Organ, Schoenstein & Co., Benicia, California, Fordham University Church, New York City Opus 1588 Casavant Organ, Lewiston, ME
August 21, 2014
The Houston Chamber Choir announces its 19th season:  September 16, antiphonal music for two and three choirs; October 5, Love Songs of the ’60s; November 8, Farewell to... more
August 21, 2014
  Barbara Harbach has been named a Curators’ Professor, the highest and most prestigious academic rank awarded by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri... more
August 21, 2014
  Raven Recordings announces the release of Exotic Variations (Raven OAR-935), the first CD recording by Phillip Kloeckner, on the 75-stop organ built at Rice University... more
August 21, 2014
  First Church of Christ, Wethersfield, Connecticut, announces the seventeenth annual Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival. September 5: A celebration concert will feature... more
August 04, 2014
Donald Trowbridge Bryant, age 95, died on April 11. Born in Chesterville, Ohio, he began piano study at age 8, and received bachelor’s degrees in music education and... more
August 04, 2014
For a century and a half, the name Kotzschmar has personified the outsized musical ambitions of the small city of Portland, Maine. Johann Carl Hermann Kotzschmar, who arrived... more
August 04, 2014
August 20, 1914, was the birth date of organist/composer Wilbur C. Held. The place was the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines, an address familiar, no doubt, to some readers of... more
August 04, 2014
Despite the best efforts of Winter Storm Hercules, all but one of our group of seventeen made it to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport as scheduled on Friday, January 3. Once... more
August 04, 2014
Hand Distribution II I have suggested that beginning in the middle of measure 19 and going on for a while, it is best to take the upper voice—a somewhat wide-ranging eighth-... more

We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent condition and is available immediately, only due to a down-sizing of residential quarters after children have left the home. This... more

Stopped Flute and Quintadena, with Octave Coupler.

Blower and vacuum pump included.

Casework excellent. Piano works OK. All components complete.

Re-rubberclothing needed for...


1971 II/3 Delaware simulated tracker-touch pipe organ (61) pedal (32).

Perfect for practice or small church. 12 stops, 185 pipes.

Phone 330/494-3195 or e-mail by clicking below.


Two-manual/pedal, 4-rank unified.

$6,000 or best offer; buyer to remove/ship.

Currently in storage, playable before disassembling, some restoration needed.

Phone 612/554-3350...


Moeller Artiste, 3 ranks, very good condition, some renovation completed, builder ready to assist in moving for additional cost. $8,000/best offer.

414/228-8737; e-mail by clicking below....


1978 Reuter pipe organ....


Reiley tracker organ, ca. 1890. Two manuals, 9 ranks, 10 speaking stops, 4 couplers.

10' 5" wide; walnut and cherry case.

Excellent condition. Asking $42,000.



1928 Casavant pipe organ, completely restored...


Wicks organ—two manuals, four ranks, ca. 1990.

16' Rohrflute, 97 pipes; 8' Principal, 85 pipes; 4' Gemshorn, 73 pipes; 8' Trumpet, 61 pipes.

Excellent condition. Oak casework and...


Martin Pasi pipe organ for sale.

Two manuals, 24 stops, suspended-tracker action. $350,000.

Details on web at or phone 425/471-0826, or send an e-mail...


Clearing inventory—Box organ.

Specification: 8' Gedeckt, 4' Rohrflute, 2' Principal.

Case: Mahogany with extensive woodcarving.

Key compass: 54 notes from C1–e54.


James D. Hicks is a native of Fredericksburg, Virginia. He holds degrees in music from the Peabody Institute of Music of Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, and the University of Cincinnati.... more

We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent condition and is available immediately, only due to a down-sizing of residential quarters after children have left the home. This... more

There is much good news to report in this issue: David Cassan named winner of the Haarlem International Organ... more
Welcome to THE DIAPASON eNEWS. In this issue we note the passing of James Leslie Boeringer and Ruth Ann... more
Welcome to THE DIAPASON eNEWS. In this issue we note the retirement of Marilyn Mason, who has served for 67... more
My wife Wendy’s daughter Meg is a vibrant young woman who inherited an intense sense of curiosity from her... more

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