The Spreckels Outdoor Organ in San Diego celebrates 100 years of music. 
Bird’s-eye view of Dobson case, as seen from the bell ringers’ gallery in the chapel tower, Merton College, The University of Oxford, U.K.
Opus 1588 Casavant Organ, Lewiston, ME
The nameboard of the 1897 Möller Opus 188, restored by M.P. Rathke in 2013.
Hank Knox, William Porter, Sietze de Vries, Hans-Ola Ericsson, Olivier Latry, James David Christie, and John Grew with a bust of Lynnwood Farnam at the McGill Summer Organ Academy
Richard Gray and James David Christie at Saint-Pierre des Chartreux in Toulouse, during Oberlin’s Organ Tour de France.
63rd Sewanee Church Music Conference attendees 
Gallery Organ, Schoenstein & Co., Benicia, California, Fordham University Church, New York City
Douglas Rafter seated at the Kotzschmar Organ, Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine
Goulding & Wood Organ Builders, Inc.: The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Lexington, Kentucky
Mary Jane Ballou from Florida plays the organ in Tamazulapan during the Tenth International Organ and Early Music Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Stephen Tharp at Victoria Hall, Geneva, in 2014
Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell Baroque Organ
The five-manual console prior to restoration
Organ case, St. Anne’s Church, Warsaw, Poland
April 23, 2017
John Weaver will be honored on the occasion of his 80th birthday on Sunday, April 30, at 3 pm at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York City. Dr. Weaver served as... more
April 21, 2017
Parsons Pipe Organ Builders, Canandaigua, New York, has restored the Carl Barckhoff organ in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Auburn, New York. The two-manual, 29-rank,... more
April 21, 2017
Paul Cienniwa has been appointed director of music, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Delray Beach, Florida, effective June 1. Along with leading a large music program, he will... more
April 21, 2017
Reuter Organ Company, Lawrence, Kansas, is celebrating its centennial. Adolph Reuter launched the firm on April 17, 1917, after 15 years’ experience with Henry Pilcher’s Sons... more
April 05, 2017
Nunc Dimittis Alexander Shaw Mitchell, Jr., 76, of Danville, Virginia, died December 4 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Born January 8, 1940, in Shelter Island, New York, he... more
April 05, 2017
Where next? So, you have mastered Couperin’s eight preludes from L’Art de toucher le clavecin. What harpsichord repertoire should follow these basic pieces? To my ears... more
April 05, 2017
Swing, style, and stops The Museum of Science in Boston is a venerable institution housed in an imposing building at the head of the Charles River Lagoon. It spans the river... more

Grant Peace, We Pray, a new choral work by David Herman, is available as a free download.  

Luther’s text, with its 16th-... more

Cornel Zimmer Organbuilders is seeking a highly-motivated individual (or two) to join our team of skilled craftsmen and artisans. Experience is always a welcome trait, but above...

Nid: 22224

30-rank Casavant - Létourneau pipe organ for sale with 10-year warranty: $550,000.

Orgues Létourneau is offering a 30-stop pipe organ rebuilt to like-new condition for USD$...

Nid: 22225

Garland Pipe Organs, 3/63, 1992.

Excellent condition. Available immediately.


Nid: 22226

Casavant Opus 3262. A superb quality 17-rank, 13-stop tracker action organ with two manuals and classic pedalboard.


Nid: 22227

Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ 1920: 2 manual, 10 rank. (6 ranks are Wurlitzer, 2 Kimball, Meyer and 1 is Hinners.)

Located in a private home in central Illinois.


Nid: 22228

Mason & Hamlin Liszt model reed organ, circa 1898.

Three manuals, 30-note pedalboard, 24 stops, 32’...

Nid: 22304

Grant Peace, We Pray, a new choral work by David Herman, is available as a free download.  

Luther’s text, with its 16th-...

Nid: 22377
ADAM J. BRAKEL Concert Organist The spell-binding and masterful performances of Adam J. Brakel have led to his being compared to Liszt, Gould, Bernstein, and Paganini. National Public Radio in... more

Grant Peace, We Pray, a new choral work by David Herman, is available as a free download.  

Luther’s text, with its 16th-... more

In this last week of April, many of our readers are recuperating from a very busy time as church musicians,... more
Our 20 Under 30 Class of 2017 honorees were revealed at our website on March 1. If you have not yet visited... more
As you know, nominations for The Diapason’s 20 Under 30 Class of 2017 closed on February 1. We received 112... more
My wife Wendy’s daughter Meg is a vibrant young woman who inherited an intense sense of curiosity from her... more

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